Department of 家庭和社区医学

环境卫生服务: 临床服务 Core


2014年4月, the Baylor 环境卫生服务 opened its first Environmental Health Clinic within the Harris Health Pediatric and Adolescent Health Center - Pasadena. Referrals to this clinic can still be made for children with elevated blood lead levels or poorly controlled 哮喘. Notify us by email ( or phone () for more information about being seen at this clinic or making a referral.

The EHS adult Environmental Health Clinic opened for research in January 2015 at the Harris Health 史密斯诊所. This clinic sees patients with poorly controlled 哮喘 who are enrolled in one of our 研究. As part of its clinical research program, the Environmental Health Clinic provides comprehensive environmental health assessment and management services for individuals suffering adverse health effects due to or exacerbated by environmental exposures, with an initial focus on poorly controlled 哮喘. 服务包括: